Dell iDrac – Fixing SSL Problem


i got two Dell R710 servers which have the problem, that if you wanna open the iDrac web interface, google chrome gives you the error:


its not the usual “hey you got a self signed certificate, its not cool, but you can pass” error ;D this error wont let you open the website.

You can fix this by the following steps:

  • Open a ssh connection to the corresponding iDrac (use the same password as for the webinterface)

ssh root@idrac-ip

  • Regenerate the certifcate

/admin1-> racadm sslresetcfg
Certificate regenerated successfully and webserver restarted

  • Reset the iDrac

/admin1-> racadm racreset soft
RAC reset operation initiated successfully. It may take up to a minute
for the RAC to come back online again.


and youre done!

2 thoughts on “Dell iDrac – Fixing SSL Problem

  1. Cupid Stunt says:

    Thanks for this. It’s worth also noting that this doesn’t work for old iDRAC versions. I had 1.90 (yes, very old) and it didn’t work. After upgrading to 2.90, the above worked perfectly.

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