Linux – Getting Band-in-a-Box 2012 work with wine


i just wanted to use Band-in-a-Box 2012 on my Linux Laptop especially with wine because installing it in a virtual machine has a bunch of disadvantages.

For example because you have to load (and unload) a complete OS and in my case get my USB Audio Interface work IN the virtual machine.

So wine is the better option. But my past experiences with wine were not really good 😀

To simplify the complete process, i used Playonlinux. Playonlinux is a “framework” for wine installations.

Its script based, so if you use one of the scripts from the library, it chooses automaticly the best working  wine version, installs additional librarys and so on.

The downside is, that there is no script for BandinaBox 😀

Not cool, but also not dramatic. I used some informations from forums and also winehq.

So how we begin? (please excuse if the instructions are not 100% suitable, but i use it in german language, so the option names may differ a bit)


what do you need?:

  • working Playonlinux Installation
  • timidity++ package
  • A File from a working Windows Computer (doesnt matter which version), named “gm.dls”
  • You can find this file here: c:\windows\system32\drivers\gm.dls (or load it from my dropbox account: gm.dls)


  • Start Playonlinux, and click install new software.
  • Then you choose  Install a program what is not listed.
  • Choose Install a program in a new virtual drive
  • Give it a name
  • Choose install some librarys
  • Choose 32bit windows installation
  • Choose the “POL_Install_wmp9” library
  • Choose the Installation File, for BiaB2012: bandinabox_realband_2012_full.exe
  • Get through the installation.
  • Things you need to consider: Do the complete installation (its imported), as starter choose “bbw.exe”


So, you got it installed but it wont start.

  • You have to copy the gm.dls file to the “windows/system32/drivers” folder of the wine-prefix. Select the starter of your BiaB Installation and select “open a directory”

Okay, BiaB starts now but it wont play sounds 😀

  • The last step is starting timidity++ before you start BiaB.
  • Here is your command:

timidity -iA -Os -B2,8 &

Then you can start BiaB and it should play sounds and so on.

Gratz! 🙂

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