Spacewalk – Automatic Creation of a Kickstartable Tree

Spacewalk is a tool for (mainly) managing and provisioning server or client linux-systems.

I’m using for a few months now and yeah. Its not well documented, especially the provisioning part.

Spacewalk uses kickstart as provisioning tool.

You have to add a kickstartable tree. Then make your kickstart distribution and then finally your kickstart profile where you define the properties for your system.

The problem is the kickstartable tree. The documentation says, simple mount a distribution dvd and then use the path where the distro is mounted.

Uhm… no. wont work for CentOS 🙂

I found a script on the net wich dowloads all the distribution files that you need. its name is mkelfs.

The github entry was updated in Nov 2015 but it still works.

Just download it from here:

Before you can use the command you have to create the folders in which the script deploys the distro data.

mkdir /var/satellite/kickstart_tree

Here is the command you need for CentOS 7 (dont be suprised, the reason why Centos is not in the parameters is that its a default value 😀 )

./ --release 7 --arch x86_64 -b centos7-x86_64

-b is the name of your base channel