Dell MD3220 – reset preferred controller module

Recently, id resetted the controller modules of the Dell MD3220 Storage Array while troubleshooting some strange events (it didnt change anything, ok its not a windows system ;D ).

After this, the virtual disks changed their path to the second controller. Ok, its not “mission critical”, but you always get the message that the virtual disks are not one the preferred path.

So, as described in my last post, this is also one of the operations that cant be made with MD Storage Manager.

This command will help: smcli.exe your-md-dns-name-or-ip -c "reset storageArray virtualDiskDistribution;"

Ps: Here you can find the Command Line Guide for SMCLI:

Dell MD3220 – how to reset unreadable Sectors statistic


recently, i had the problem that our Dell MD3220 Storage Array was showing Alerts regarding unreadable sectors on disk drives.
Stupidly it didnt say which disk is affected. I thought that this is a old message, which is not cleared.

So my first step was resetting the statistic. If there are really defective sectors, the message will show up again.

The trick is, you cant do this over the gui (Dell MD Storage Manager) – you have to use SMCLI (which is part of the installation of the storage manager).

Here is the command:

scmli.exe your-md-dns-name-or-ip -c "clear allVirtualDisks unreadableSectors;"

The message is gone in my case.

Ps: Here you can find the Command Line Guide for SMCLI: